The Class of '57 Christmas Dinner

Mr. and Mrs. Claus, aka George and Peggy Eby

May Fellenbaum, Jane Risser, Richard Millhouse, Bob Fellenbaum

Goldie Heiss, Pat Dupes, Lester Dupes, Frances Bradley

Paul Baker, Christine Baker, Kathy Martin

Jean Fullerton, Linda Eshelman, Ronald Eshelman, Shirley Curry

Arlene Mummert, Janet Draper

Galen Snyder and Ed Hixon

Shirley Farver and Sally Saylor

Santa, Kay Dimeler, Brenda Hanna, Ken Bailey

George and Peggy Eby with Stan Mumma

Betsy Shipe

Don Bradley, Carole Divet, Josie & Dick Will, Bob Divet

There were 51 present for the dinner and I did not get pictures of everyone.
I guess I should have had everyone line up for a group picture but didn't
think of it.